Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.
Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.


Helping DUAL become one

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"You know an agency is the right fit for you when they feel like an extension of your team. The creative flair of the Free team, from the brand identity to the high impact videos, along with their understanding of the insurance market, makes them a stand-out partner for us."
Kate Whittaker, Head of Corporate Communications, DUAL

Independence plus partnership – that’s always been DUAL’s winning formula. Being the biggest international MGA out there, it’s an ethos that could easily be forgotten. But they were founded back in ‘98 by two entrepreneurs, David Howden and Luis Muñoz-Rojas, who joined forces to pave their own journey. So it was vital that entrepreneurial spirit never ceased.

Operating in 16 countries and with 34 locations, these businesses are able to maintain a sense of autonomy, while uniting around a common purpose, helping their brokers, partners and employees do more.

So culturally DUAL was getting it right. They just needed a visual brand identity that communicated the strength of their business to the world.


Bringing everyone together to create a bold brand for the long term

In a business as entrepreneurial as DUAL, it was key we involved as many voices from the business as possible in the brand creation work. We worked with DUAL’s marketing team on how best to share their story, and to articulate values and a clear and authentic brand proposition. Every business globally was involved throughout to make sure we were hitting all the right notes.

DUAL then had a robust brand framework and messaging matrix around which they could craft their marketing and communications.

When it came to design, there were some DUAL staples that needed to stay – the colour blue, their logo and typeface. We found an energetic shade of blue DUAL could own and combined this with high impact iconic photography and striking typographical systems. DUAL’s uncompromising and confident look was reborn, truly helping them standout as the world’s largest international MGA.

A big focus for the project was to create authentic branding that DUAL could count on for years to come and which was owned by each business globally. To double down on future proofing, we created a substantial and practical set of guidelines, so everyone in the business could easily deliver consistent and imaginative communications.

DUAL now has a distinctive look that will stand the test of time and resonates across all of their territories.


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