Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.
Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.


A new perspective on a powerful proposition to deliver cut through creative.

Project details

Yes. It’s the word clients like to hear. It sends a message that you’ve heard them, that you’re on it, that you’re the ones for them. So, why would a broker do the opposite? Because Yes means going along with the way things are expected to be done. No means changing them, so that they’re better for clients.

That was the premise for our launch film for Newfront, a merger between the expert-led, established Californian broker ABD and Newfront, their technology-led late stage start-up neighbour.


No to either or

By bringing together the best of what people offer, and the best of what technology offers, the merged business was saying no to the limitations of each of their models to create a new kind of broker that does it all.

“No represents all the frustrations clients feel with buying insurance. This film says Newfront is here to put a stop to them in the slickest possible way.” Brian Hetherington, Chairman, Newfront.


No to stock footage

If focusing the narrative on No caused people to sit up and take notice, so did the visual execution. The CGI production stands out a mile in the market and further reinforces Newfront’s position as a bold leader that is reshaping the insurance industry.

The scenes emotively bring to life all the client pain points from collecting data, to form filling, to the time it takes to get quotes, to doing all again at next renewal. The vignettes alternate between blue and crimson, taken from the visual identities of each brand, signalling how they’re bringing technology and relationships together to solve all the issues.


A resounding yes

The final film celebrates their union, and despite the word No being mentioned 16 times in 90 seconds, it delivers an overwhelmingly positive message. When we asked Newfront if their staff and clients liked it, there was only one word that came back.

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