Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.
Outstanding brands, stand out campaigns.


Delivering stand out creative and messaging to elevate a global brand to its rightful place.

Project details

A starring role on the global broking stage

WBN was playing third fiddle to the global broking conglomerates, competing against their strengths rather than on their own terms.

Through our brand and value proposition process we quickly defined and articulated exactly why multinational clients would choose them over the big three – and it’s fundamental to who they are and how they do business.


Thousands of experts in over 100 companies all on one wavelength

WBN is a worldwide network of over 120 highly successful independent insurance broking and employee benefits consulting businesses, each operating in their own markets across more than 100 countries on six continents.


Promising “Your world as one”

Through our process we established the truth; WBN solves the problems multinational clients have with disjointed, patchy service levels. The shared ambition of their members, along with structured information sharing and collaboration mean they make it much easier for clients to run seamless insurance and benefits programs everywhere.


A network of connected members brought to life

The brand identity needed an overhaul to match the connected, vibrant network they are. Their new logo, colourways, typefaces and graphics combine to present a modern, global organisation on the front foot and on top of their game.


Putting the WBN name up in lights

Having launched to its members at their global conference, the repositioning is making its way out into the world through targeted blogs, podcasts, advertising and events. Week by week, month by month our campaign is growing, bringing WBN to the attention of multinational clients who want unity across their organisations.

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